Zayre Department Store

Zayre Department Store

Zayre was one of the major tenants of the Meadows Shopping Center and a beloved discount store chain. Zayre opened in the Meadows in 1968, and occupied a 70,000 square foot, one level store. They sold apparel, sporting goods, appliances, electronics, housewares, hardware, beauty, and toys, with an auto service garage attached. 

Zayre experienced a sales dip in the late 80s, and sold all their 400 stores in 1988 to Ames Department Store, so they could focus on their profitable chain, T.J. Maxx. In 1989, the Muncie Zayre was one of four locations in the country to close, with the rest renamed to Ames. The closure set the Meadows Shopping Center on a path towards its end, after most major tenants had already left. The building was later home to the Ontario Systems offices, and in 2000, the whole shopping center was razed, to make way for Ontario’s new business center. 

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