White River Landing Restaurant

White River Landing Restaurant

White River Landing, established in 2000, was opened by Mike and Marcia Thompson, owners of Mancino's and Alley Oops. Opening this restaurant involved closing Alley Oops and integrating its most beloved menu items into White River Landing's offerings. They renovated the space, making it more rustic and combining storefronts. The menu featured vegetarian options, and also offered beer, wine, brats, hot dogs, pasta, pizza, and salads, along with incredibly popular paninis.

The restaurant quickly became known for its unique, lodge-like ambiance, reminiscent of a cozy fishing retreat. Its interiors were adorned with antiques, canoes, fishing rods, and even tackle boxes repurposed as condiment holders, creating an atmosphere that was both rustic and inviting. The restaurant was smoke-free from the beginning, offering outdoor seating, available in the warmer months, and a back patio for smokers.

White River Landing had event space that hosted various gatherings, including class reunions for Delta High School. The renovations were controversial, as it didn’t maintain the historical facade of the building, prompting citizens to call for renovation policies during Downtown’s revitalization.They expanded again in 2004, growing to encompass four storefronts of the Geiger block.

In 2006, the owners decided to sell Mancino's to concentrate fully on White River Landing, though the officially closed its doors in 2012. The closure was a result of the original owner relocating to Michigan, and the individual managing the restaurant in his absence chose to shut it down. The owner, residing in another state, decided not to continue running the establishment from afar, closing and selling the building. Twin Archer opened in 2016, and remains to this day. 

White river landing gallery (photos from lost muncie and the star press)

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