White Feather Farms Market

White Feather Farms Market

White Feather Farms was a local specialty food wholesaler that started as Muncie Egg and Poultry in 1942, but became White Feather Farms in 1968. They sold eggs, seafood, bakery items, and deli items, both to supermarkets like Marsh, and the community on Saturday Mornings. White Feather was a true family business, with three generations of ownership, and four of employment.

The business found success, and moved to 17th st location in 1986 after outgrowing their old location. The beloved business partnered with other local businesses, such as roasting and grinding coffee for Blue Bottle coffee shops. They were also known for hiring 14 and 15 year olds, making it many a Munsonian’s first job. White Feather Farms closed in 2008, in part due to the loss of Marsh’s business.

White feather gallery (photos from lost muncie and the star press)

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