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Wanderlust Globe

Replogle Globes

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Type of Globe:
Cartography Style:
Modern Political Map
Globe Diameter:
12" (30cm)
Globe Mount:
Stainless Steel Axial Mount on a White Ash Base with a Decorative Red Riser
Globe Material:
100% Reclaimed Paper Fiber
Special Features:
Soft "Velvet" Touch
Country of Manufacture:
United States of America
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Product Overview

Are you feeling wanderlust? Set your sights on the world with the stunning Wanderlust Globe from Replogle’s Designer Series, available at Muncie Map Co.

This nautically inspired globe is not just a pretty face. Its soft, velvety touch invites you to explore more than 3,500 place names, from population centers to political borders, canals, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and even ice shelves on Antarctica. The deep royal blue oceans and gentle pastel land colors give you a sense of calm and tranquility. You'll be drawn to the beautifully designed compass rose and legend, complete with anchor and rope details.

The Wanderlust Globe's stylish white ash wood base with dark red colored riser make it a perfect addition to your home or office décor. Find your next adventure with the Wanderlust Globe from Replogle's Designer Series, available now at Muncie Map Co.