Vince's Gallery Restaurant Airport

Vince's Gallery Restaurant Airport

Originally known as the Flite Deck and Kitty Hawk, the establishment later renamed Vince’s gallery, opened its doors in 1981 at the Delaware County Airport. This unique restaurant featured a small dining area, distinguished by two glass walls, allowing patrons to view planes while enjoying their meals. The menu boasted a variety of dishes, including steak, quiche, and crab legs, complemented by an array of drinks, with the Bloody Mary being a notable special of the restaurant frequented by Jim Davis.

By 1983, the restaurant had become a hub for aviation enthusiasts, hosting an airplane club and undergoing an expansion to accommodate its growing popularity. The expansion added 50 extra seats, spread across three levels, providing an even better view of the planes. These enhancements quickly transformed it into the most popular nightspot in the area. During this period of growth, owner Vince Buchanan purchased another establishment, Foxfires, in 1984 but sold it later that year to Jim Davis.

In 1987, the Kitty Hawk introduced new items to its menu, such as veal scallopini, shrimp New Orleans, and Cajun mint shrimp. That same year, Davis also acquired Vince's Gallery. The restaurant continued to innovate, offering limousine date nights starting in 1988, adding a touch of luxury to the dining experience.

The early 1990s saw further changes with the restaurant closing for renovations in 1993. This refurbishment added 45 more seats, introduced model aircraft decor, and brought minor changes to the menu. Interestingly, during this phase, Buchanan returned as the manager. The establishment changed hands in 1997, being sold and renamed Van's in honor of the new owner, Van Brown. It was sold again in 1999, becoming Hangar's Restaurant, and then in 2000, it reopened as Vince's Restaurant under Buchanan's ownership once again.The final sale occurred in 2005, but unfortunately, the restaurant closed its doors for good in 2007. Despite the space hosting three more restaurants subsequently, it stood empty as of 2022, marking the end of an era for a once-popular dining destination known for its unique ambiance and connection to the world of aviation.

Vince's gallery (photos from lost muncie and the star press

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