TG&Y Department Store

TG&Y Department Store

TG&Y, a variety store chain, was named after its founders, Tomlinson, Gosselin, and Young, who were independent store operators combined forces. The chain first came to Muncie in 1971 in the form of Scott’s, a division of TG&Y, in the Meadows. Another Scott’s location opened in the Northwest Plaza in 1974.

The store sold clothing, housewares, hardware, automotive, and more, and many of the products sold at Scott’s were TG&Y branded. The location in the Meadows became TG&Y in 1978, and the other location followed suit in 1981. Also around that time, the marketing began heavily emphasizing the name TG&Y Variety. 

In 1986, the TG&Y company was bought out by another company called McCrory’s, and the Northwest location was rebranded, but not much else about the stores and products offered changed. The Meadows location closed in 1990, as the shopping center declined, and the Northwest Plaza location followed suit a year later, along with 200 other McCrory’s locations. The chain, including its remaining TG&Y locations, closed entirely in 2002.

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