Sultan's Castle Arcade

Sultan's Castle Arcade

Sultan’s Castle was a small arcade chain with a Muncie location that was considered the city’s most successful arcade. It opened in the Muncie Mall in 1972, next to MCL Cafeteria. The arcade featured pinball, air hockey, space games, and a dollar bill changer, used by gamers and mall goers alike. The arcade occasionally hosted pinball tournaments, with a pinball machine as the grand prize, and they had a strict policy of not allowing children during school hours, to discourage children from skipping school. 

At one point, the arcade had 38 different machines, notably the Black Knight pinball machine, with a two level playing field, and the Dragon’s Lair arcade game, which utilized a laser disc, allowing for movie-like animation. The arcade relocated, in 1991, to the corridor by the mall cinema, which allowed them to remain open later, but after the theater’s closure, Sultan’s Castle was moved again to a small corner near the mall offices, which hurt business. They closed in 2006, reportedly impacted by the rise of home consoles. 

Sultan's castle gallery (photos from lost muncie and the star press)

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