Stonehenge Records

Stonehenge Records

Stonehenge, opened in 1977, was initially located off Tillotson before moving to McGalliard a year later. They ran a weekly trivia promotion, early on, offering two free albums for the earliest correct answers received by mail. However, concerns arose in 1981 when a law prohibiting the manufacturing or sale of drug paraphernalia was passed, casting uncertainty over the business’ future from the owners. Stonehenge sold records, cassettes, CDs, t-shirts, rolling papers, posters, pipes, and bongs. The store had recreation department basketball team. In 1988, the store stood firm against petition pressures to remove all heavy metal music from its shelves. This resilience and eclectic mix of products and activities defined its character until its closure around 2005.

stonehenge gallery (photos from lost muncie)

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