Stirling's Bar & Eatery

Stirling's Bar & Eatery

Stirlings was a downtown eatery that had quite a good run for its era, when some downtown spots couldn’t last a year. The site of the former Pickett’s Tavern was purchased in 1990, and closed for remodeling late 1991, after one of the owners won $1.75 million in the lottery. It reopened with basically new everything top to bottom, such as floors, ceiling, restrooms, kitchen equipment, bar, and furniture. 

The restaurant served alcohol, sandwiches, salads, steaks, and burgers. Stirling’s changed hands in 1995, and remained a popular restaurant, hosting many local campaign events and groups like the Knights of Columbus. Stirling’s closed sometime in 2007, and is the current site of Charmed Cupcakes.

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