Stevie Ray's House of Wax

Stevie Ray's House of Wax

Stevie Ray’s House of Wax was a record store and staple of Muncie’s local music scene. The shop opened in 1995 on Tillotson, and sold records, tapes, cds, incense, and jewelry, and soon began selling and servicing record players. The shop began hosting local bands in 1996, even organizing a music festival in 1998. They moved to the village at some point in the  early 1997..

Owner Steve Smith supported live artists of all kinds, including ska, jazz, and DJs, as well as a band including bagpipes in their instrument line up. Stevie Ray’s stopped offering shows for a bit in 1999, as items began going missing, but reopened the space for rent, rather than seeking out the talent. The shop, located above the Village Jimmy John’s, closed in early 2000, after the lease ended and the owner moved away.

Stevie Ray's Gallery (photos from the star press)

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