Slater Hawkins Restaurant

Slater Hawkins Restaurant

Slater Hawkins was a cozy restaurant and bar on McGalliard. The site originally opened as the Bourbon Barrel in 1972, but then re-opened as Slater Hawkins two years later. They served nice food, like steak, stuffed mushrooms, sirloin sandwich, and lobster thermidor, and had full bar service and a large selection of wines. They hosted an annual champagne fountain event that was all you can drink.

At some point, owner Gary Lindzy instated a dress code, stating customers were not allowed to wear shorts, in order to maintain proper level of dress. In 1987, Lindzy expanded the restaurant with more seating, and brought in decor from other lost restaurants, like Clara’s and Magoo’s. Slater Hawkins began offering live music in 1989

In a case against the restaurant, Muncie’s Human Rights Commission held its first hearing in 20 years, determining whether a former cook was fired due to race, which the restaurant was charged to settle with the cook. Slater Hawkins reopened under new management in 1992, with renovations, and updated decor and menu. They offered a non-smoking section earlier than many restaurants.

Slater Hawkins was sold again in 1996 to Jim Mochal of J.R. Brooks and car salesman Bill Gaddis. The restaurant burned down three months after the purchase, and the fire was determined to be arson. The restaurant was not rebuilt, and a Gaddis car dealership was built on the site. It was resurrected in name at a former eagles lodge on Kilgore. This location closed in 2007, three years after opening, and, ironically, also caught fire. The original McGalliard site is now RNR Tire Express, and the Kilgore location is a beauty college.

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