Professional creative services that won't break your budget.

Whether you're looking for an infographic, logo refresh, branding update, publication or literature design, parody artwork, or just some cool Muncie gear or custom merchandise in bulk, we got you covered.

Selected Services We Offer:

Custom Cartography

Fully Custom Maps

Print, Digital, Interactive & More

Any Place, Real or Imaginary

Any Historical Era

Any Aesthetic

Graphic Design


Basic Branding

T-Shirts & Swag

Illustrative Infographics

Promotional Materials

Book & Magazine Layout

Simple Websites

WordPress Setup

We've been called the "Swiss Army Knife of Local Creative" because we can do the tricky creative jobs that stump everyone else.  Plus, we love a challenge!

Photo & Document
Digitization & Restoration

Digital restoration and repair for staining, tears, creases, faded colors, and yellowing while preserving the historic patina of the document or photo

Specialty Printing

Large Format Printing and Scanning

Archival Art Prints from Your Digital Files

Vinyl Sticker Printing

Tattoo Flashes

let's get to work!

What creative projects can we help you with?  Hit us up, and we'll chat!

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