Pixie Diner

Pixie Diner

The Pixie Diner was opened in 1955 by Bill Barlage on South Madison Street. The restaurant was made out of a stainless steel dining car, and one one of the first businesses on the South side. The diner, over its 33 years in business, served Dick Clark, Johnny Cash, and David Letterman, who was a late night regular during his time at Ball State. 

The Pixie Diner served burgers and fries, steaks, seafood, sundaes, milkshakes, and much more. They were open 24/7, and had low employee turnover. At some point, a dining room was added onto the dining car, due to the business’ great success, and the diner sometimes offered live music. The business was sold to Ron Hummel in 1976 after Barlage retired.

The Pixie diner was sold again to Donna Goodwyn in the late eighties and officially closed in 1988, the land is now the site of the strip mall next to the South Aldi. Everything belonging to the diner was put up for auction, including the dining car itself, which was bought by Lewis Coulter and moved to the Red Dog Saloon. Reportedly, the original owner, Bill Barlage, is still alive at age 106 at the time of this writing.


pixie diner gallery (photos from lost muncie)

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