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Our Raccoons Will Wreck Your Sh!t Muncie

The Our Raccoons Will Wreck Your Shit graphic is a playful yet relatable parody of the ongoing battle between Muncie residents and the raccoon population. Raccoons are notorious for getting into trash cans, spreading garbage everywhere, and causing a general nuisance for homeowners. This graphic captures the frustration that many Muncie residents have felt at one time or another when dealing with these pesky critters.

The graphic features a raccoon with a sly grin, standing atop a toppled Muncie Sanitary District trash toter. The trash can is overflowing with garbage, with debris scattered around the raccoon's feet. The raccoon appears almost proud of its accomplishment, as if it's saying "you mess with me, I mess with you."

Despite the frustration that raccoons can cause, the Our Raccoons Will Wreck Your Shit graphic offers a lighthearted take on the situation. It's a reminder to Muncie residents that they're not alone in their struggles with these mischievous creatures.

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