Orion Globe

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Type of Globe:
Cartography Style:
Black Ocean
Globe Diameter:
12" (30cm)
Globe Mount:
Diecast Semi-Meridian on a Metal Base
Special Features:
Two-Way Map; New Information Visible When Illuminated
Country of Manufacture:
United States of America
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Product Overview

The Orion Globe from Replogle than just a globe, it's an invitation to explore the world in all its beauty and wonder. With a flip of a switch, the Orion lights up, just like Orion the hunter constellation in the night sky, signaling to you that it's time to embark on an adventure.

This 12" diameter world globe with a smooth, jet-black ocean and brightly colored continents and countries will surely spark your curiosity, and make you dream of exploring exotic lands and meeting new cultures. It's not just a beautiful decorative item for your library, home or office, it's also an educational tool that can help you learn more about our world, its people, and its natural wonders.

The Orion globe features a stainless steel base and a matching die cast metal semi-meridian, giving it a modern and stylish look. With the up-to-date map that includes country names, capitals, major cities, and major waterways of the world, you can use it to plan your next adventure, or just to daydream about your next escape.

Whether you're a geographical enthusiast, a student, a traveler, or just someone who loves beautiful and inspiring objects, the Orion globe is an amazing value that will light up your life and help you discover the world in a whole new way.

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