One Accord Restaurant

One Accord Restaurant

One Accord Mexican Restaurant was a mainstay of Muncie cuisine from its opening in 1978 until it closed in 1995. Its long stay as a local favorite for date nights and family dinners led to its induction into our the Local Business Hall of Fame.


Founded by John & Carolyn Townriss and named after a passage from th Bible, One Accord was modeled off of the famed Casa Bonita in Denver, Colorado. The restaurant, built on the site of the Townriss's earlier John's Awful Awful drive-in, featured a dining room styled like the courtyard of a Mexican mission.  The atmosphere, which included a live entertainment and a living tree, was a favorite of young couples on date night.   Many local longterm relationships started with a first date at One Accord!  Fans also remember the system for reordering food (raising a flag) and the free pillowy sopapillas with honey.

The Townriss family owned One Accord until 1986, when the restaurant was sold to William and Carol McKnight. The McKnights, successful restauranteurs elsewhere in Muncie, ran the restaurant until its closure in 1995.  The site was sold to the proprietors of Muncie's Chili's restaurant in 1997.


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