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National Geographic Moon Globe

Replogle Globes

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Type of Globe:
Cartography Style:
Lunar by National Geographic
Globe Diameter:
12" (30cm)
Globe Mount:
None; Rests on Free-Mount Base
Globe Material:
Acrylic Sphere
Special Features:
Portable; Battery-Powered with USB Cable
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Product Overview

This special edition collaboration from Replogle and National Geographic is more than just a decoration. It is a unique and informative tribute to one of the greatest achievements in human history, the landing on the moon. The 12" Black Illuminated Desk Moon globe from the National Geographic Collection showcases a visually stunning and accurate portrayal of the moon with over 900 place names, including landing spots of all Apollo missions, significant unmanned space missions and over 750 moon topographic locations which include impact craters, mountain ranges, highlands, seas, rays, and many other physical features.

This National Geographic 50th Anniversary Illuminated Moon Globe is an exquisite work of art that beautifully and accurately represents the moon. With its rechargeable LED illumination and free mount base, this moon globe is easy to view and with its impressive features, provides a sense of wonder and inspires exploration. Its high-quality construction and attention to detail makes a great gift for space enthusiasts or anyone interested in science, technology, engineering, or history.