Muncie: Weird and Wonderful Map

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24W x36"H (60.96cm x 94.44cm)"
38lb Coated Bond
Location of Production:
Muncie, Ind.
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Product Overview

Friends, allow me to introduce you to a creation that truly embodies the quirky spirit of Muncie, Indiana: the "Weird and Wonderful" map by the Muncie Map Co.!

Forget about those boring, digitized maps on your smartphone or GPS, my friends. This 36"W x 24"H map is a physical representation of the city's weirdest and most wonderful places. And who needs archival inks and strong bond paper when you can just, you know, SAVE A MAP ON YOUR PHONE? (grrr) But why settle for a digital version when you can have a tangible piece of art that perfectly captures the whimsical character of Muncie?

So, embrace your inner adventurer and usethe "Weird and Wonderful" map to explore our fair city. Whether you want to frame it or stick it on your wall, this map is guaranteed to make you the envy of all your tech-savvy friends.

So, pick up your very own "Weird and Wonderful" map today! Embrace the quirky spirit of Muncie and discover the magic for yourself. The adventure awaits!

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