Gear Shift Muncie

Gear Shift Muncie

Are you a true gearhead? Do you have a passion for classic American muscle cars and the iconic Muncie Four Speed transmission that powered them? Look no further than the Gear Shift Muncie graphic from MMC.

This graphic is a perfect representation of the Muncie Transmission, (the "Rockcrusher") and its iconic shifting pattern, which was produced right here in Muncie, Indiana from 1963 to 1974 and is still prized today for its durability.

The design features the same font and style as the gear markers on the transmission knob, with the words "Muncie" at the top and "Indiana" at the bottom.

But it's not just about paying homage to a legendary piece of automotive engineering. This graphic is also a symbol of pride for the city of Muncie and the state of Indiana. It's a way to show your love for your home and your passion for American muscle cars, all in one bold and stylish design.

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