Miller Milkhouse

Miller Milkhouse

The Miller Milkhouse was a convenience store chain that opened in 1963, with iconic, mid-century Chevron shaped buildings. The chain was owned by Millers Dairy Corp, in Cambridge City, and was created as a way to sell their products. Miller Milkhouses sold milk, bread, eggs, some light groceries, sodas, and cigarettes.

Customers bought products without leaving their cars, and the chain was one of the first convenience stores in Muncie, appearing two years earlier than Village Pantry. They employed only senior citizens. Muncie had several locations, including ones at Jackson and Martin, Wheeling and McGalliard, Broadway and Highland, and Ohio and Burlington. After supply issues and less need in the market, they started to shut down the 1990s. All locations in Muncie are closed, but two successor businesses still remain in Richmond.

For a more detailed history of the Miller Milkhouse, including more photos of the various stores, check out this article by Delaware County Historical Society board member and newsletter editor, Ted Shideler.


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