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Mikado Globe

Replogle Globes

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Type of Globe:
Cartography Style:
Slate Gray Ocean with Metallic Silver Continents
Globe Diameter:
12" (30cm)
Globe Mount:
Stainless steel axial mount and base
Globe Material:
Acrylic Sphere
Special Features:
Scandinavian Design for Contemporary Decor
Country of Manufacture:
United States of America
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Product Overview

Introducing the Mikado, the stunningly designed globe that will transform any space into a contemporary marvel. The Scandinavian-inspired Mikado's slate gray ocean stands in stark contrast to the easy-to-read metallic silver map, making it a functional and stylish addition to any home or office. The globe's 12-inch diameter provides ample space to display intricate geographic details, while its special stainless-steel axis base provides a sturdy support system.

But the Mikado's beauty doesn't stop there. Its design is truly award-winning, showcasing a unique blend of modernity and sophistication that will leave your guests speechless. The globe's angular, brushed stainless-steel base lends a minimalist feel, while its slate gray ocean is reminiscent of the cool, calm Nordic seas.

This desktop globe is perfect for students and adults of all ages, and its political map cartography style makes it an ideal educational tool for those looking to learn more about the world.