ME's Zoo Parker City

ME's Zoo Parker City

ME’s Zoo was a Muncie favorite that started as a christmas light display on a family farm, but became an exotic pet zoo. The zoo was opened mid-1989 by Max and Eileen Oren, 5 miles south of Parker city on Randolph County Rd. 300 S. ME’s Zoo started with around 50 animals, including a tiger cub, lemur, parrot, wallaby, zebras, but quickly expanded to have over 100 animals. 

The Orens continued and expanded light display, but added donation buckets to help feed the animals. The zoo offered a free “handicapped” day, starting in 1989, in an effort to bring joy to the community, which became a tradition. ME’s zoo was a popular field trip spot, and the owners worked in species preservation, with several endangered ruffed lemur born in captivity, a rare occurrence. 

They faced some financial struggles after Max Oren was diagnosed with leukemia in 1989, but after drives from local children, they received the necessary aid, and continued on, even adding animals in 1991. Max Oren died at the end of 1993, and his wife Eileen carried on the business. 

The Christmas light display grew from 20,000 lights to 200,000, and zoo had 224 animals at its peak. ME’s Zoo closed in 2009 due to the poor economy and the cost of caring for the animals. The animals were relocated to other zoos, sanctuaries, and habitats.


Me's zoo gallery (photos from lost muncie and the star press)

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