Marhoefer Happy Wiener

Marhoefer Happy Wiener

The Marhoefer Meatpacking Company in Muncie, Indiana was established in 1901, where it started as the Kuhner Packing Harry Kuhner. The company changed hands in 1945 when the Marhoefer family took over. The Muncie location was known as Marhoefer division of Kuhner company until a merger in 1952 led to dropping the name Kuhner and it became known as Marhoefer Packing Company. 

For a long time, Marhoefer’s impact in Muncie was huge, employing many people and making popular meat products like hot dogs and sausages. They used local events, like the Indianapolis 500 Race in the 1960s to advertise their products. However, things took a turn for the worse in the late 1970s. Due to financial issues snd a failed loan deal, the company had to let go of its employees and eventually filed for bankruptcy in 1978. Despite the tough ending, the Marhoefer Meatpacking Company played a big part in Muncie's history for many years, and advertising campaigns – like the Happy Wiener – are still fondly remembered.


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