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Intersections of Muncie Print

Geek Art by MMC

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Geek Art
Fine Art Matte
Paper Weight:
Archival, Pigment Based
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Product Overview

Have you heard about the Intersections of Muncie print from the Muncie Map Co.? This delightful piece of artwork is a colorful and whimsical celebration of the unique and sometimes baffling road intersections that make up the city of Muncie. With its playful yet precise line art and bright, eye-catching colors, this print is sure to bring a smile to the face of any Muncie resident or visitor.

What's truly special about this print is how it captures the idiosyncrasies and quirks of Muncie's street layouts in a way that is both accurate and imaginative. Borrowing from a format pioneered by barelymaps, Each of the 20 intersections depicted in the print is rendered with a graphic style reminiscent of kanji characters from a distance, giving the artwork an intriguing and mysterious feel.

Printed on high-quality matte fine art paper with archival pigment-based inks, this print is both beautiful and durable, and suitable for framing and displaying in your home or office. So why not treat yourself or a friend to a piece of Muncie individuality and pick up the Intersections of Muncie print today? It's a surefire conversation-starter and a reminder of the unique character of this wonderful city we call home.