Indy Arrows Baseball Team

Indy Arrows Baseball Team

The Indianapolis Arrows were an attempted Indianapolis Major League Baseball team. The campaign to place a team here was headed by Art Angotti, who’s first discussions involved purchasing the Oakland A’s and relocating them to Indianapolis. This fell through, but before a stadium or team was assembled, Angotti began taking season ticket reservations, each costing $50. 

Despite not existing except in name, Ronald Reagan was presented a logo T-Shirt during an Indiana visit, and there were around 12,000 season ticket reservations ordered. Angotti’s goal was to impress major league owners by the city's enthusiasm, which would prompt them to place a team in Indianapolis. In 1985, a pep rally for the team was held near the Indianapolis monument, but when no team was located here, all season ticket reservations were refunded in December 1987. Indiana still has no Major League teams, but does have five minor league teams.


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