Hullabaloo Scene Teen Club

Hullabaloo Scene Teen Club

TV’s Hullabaloo Scene was a chain of teen dance clubs, named after the show, Hullabaloo, which featured musical artists like Liza Minelli, Sammy Davis Jr., and Jerry Lewis. Muncie’s location was opened by three managers of Indiana Glass Co. in 1967, and was the 70th location in the chain.

The club, located on Ind. 32 West, was for 14-18 year olds, and offered live music acts and dancing, and later, two restaurants. Hullabaloo moved to the Delaware County fairgrounds, and one of the best remembered performances presented by The Hullabaloo scene was Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 performance, which took place at its fairground location. The club closed a few years after opening, and the original building is now home to Rees & Comp Insurance Inc.


Hullabaloo Gallery (photos from lost muncie)

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