Home Brew Muncie Brewing Co.

Home Brew Muncie Brewing Co.

“Home Brew” beer was the premiere brew of the Muncie Brewing Company, and was first released in 1903. The factory manufacturing the beer was located on Willard and Council, and Home Brew was marketed as incredibly pure with malt and hops notes. An ad claimed it was “healthful and invigorating,” even building nerve and tissue, as well as aiding digestion. Another ad stated it was being prescribed by physicians, and that it was great for the whole family, with even children being depicted with a beer in hand. 

The beer was offered in pints or quarts and was very frequently advertised. Despite sometimes multiple ads per day and several per week, the graphics and text of the ad weren’t often repeated. Muncie Brewing Co. introduced Peerless Beer in 1906. In 1908, the company, after financial troubles, was placed in the hands of the former Mayor, Edward Tuhey,  Muncie was declared “dry” in 1909, and the brewery’s future was uncertain for several years until the factory was officially closed for good in 1912. The building was demolished in 1990.


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