Foxfires Restaurant

Foxfires Restaurant

Foxfires, best remembered as Jim Davis’ restaurant, was originally opened by Marsh Supermarkets Inc. in December 1978, with a greenhouse-like atmosphere, home-cooked food, and a salad bar. Marsh decided to begin opening restaurants in order to prevent financial losses as the market was shifting to dining out. A frequent meeting space for greek life events and organizations like the American Cancer Society, Foxfires became a popular Muncie eatery. It closed for remodeling in 1981, adding a lounge called the Foxes Den. 

In 1984, Foxfires was sold to Vince Buchanan, owner of Vince’s Gallery. This was a lucrative property, as a large hotel was to arrive nearby by 1985, bringing loads of new customers. Not long after, Jim Davis joined Buchanan in ownership, and the restaurant was remodeled again in 1985. Foxfires was officially sold to Davis in 1987, but Buchanan remained involved, being named general manager in 1990. In 1991, they closed for several months, reopening January 1992, adding a more sophisticated menu to match the classy remodel.

Foxfires was one of the first restaurants in Muncie to offer a non-smoking section. By the end of 1996, they reduced their hours to dinner service only, stating that it was due to being known for dinner, not financial reasons. In August 1997, the restaurant was decked out Garfield art, which had been shown at a museum in New York. Foxfires closed in 2001, and was demolished in 2002, replaced by IHOP.


foxfires gallery (Photos from lost muncie and the star press)

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