Flying Tomato Restaurant

Flying Tomato Restaurant

The Flying Tomato is a chain started by two friends, Ralph Senn and Joe Ream, the “flying tomato brothers,” as Garcia’s Pizza. The Muncie location called Flying Tomato opened early 1984 in the Village near Ball State’s Campus, and were famous for their “Pizza in a Pan.” 

The Flying Tomato had a hot air balloon used in promotions as well as being a feature attraction at local events, and were known for their live music performances, one of the only spaces besides bars for performers. It was a frequent hangout for students in the Village. 

The Flying Tomato was damaged heavily by a fire in 1992, it was closed for renovations for a few months until April 1993. They leaned even harder into offering live music by local artists, but closed in December of 1996, followed by King Gyros, the Locker Room, Two Cats Cafe, and is currently sitting empty. There is one remaining Garcia’s Pizza location in Illinois.


flying tomato gallery (Photos from lost muncie and the star press)

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