Flamingo Cocktail Lounge & Restaurant

Flamingo Cocktail Lounge & Restaurant

Flamingo Cocktail Lounge opened January 1946 and offered live music and lunch and dinner service, with a large menu of entrees, including lobster, various cuts of steak, and chicken liver. The Lounge was originally located downtown on Jackson St, but after losing their lease, owner Harmon Evans moved the restaurant to Kilgore St.  The cocktail lounge offered a large menu and live music for both lunch and dinner crowds.

Flamingo Cocktail Lounge changed hands several times, at one point almost being sold to Bob Thames and Harold Van Orman Jr. of the Van Orman-Roberts hotel, a deal that fell through when they were not able to agree on how to divide their time between the hotel and the lounge. It was last mentioned in the newspaper in 1978, and was later the site of The End Zone Sports Bar and Grill.


Flamingo gallery (Photos from lost muncie)

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