Downyflake Donuts

Downyflake Donuts

Downyflake donuts were a popular brand of donut and waffle, often a cinnamon sugared donut, popular around the world since the late 1910’s, after the automatic donut maker and Downyflake donut mix was popularized by the Doughnut Corporation of America. The corporation started franchising Downyflake shops, some of which hit Muncie.

The first Downyflake presence in Muncie was located at Caupp market downtown, when they added a donut counter with the automatic donut maker in 1941, and soon after, a Downyflake donut bar opened in the Rivoli Building in 1944. They served donuts and coffee, as well as sandwiches and fountain service.

Two more Downyflake franchise restaurants opened in Muncie in 1944, one on Walnut and one on Macedonia St. Some of these locations served a full menu as well as the donuts, such as the Eagle Cafe on Walnut, and some focused on donuts and coffee. The bar in the Rivoli building was sold in 1947, and by 1948, they had the new Downyflake waffle maker. By late 1948, that location and others in the state were listed for sale.

In 1952, the waffles were now available in the freezer aisles, and popularized the Downyflake name further. Owner of the Memorial St. location, Bill O’Rourke, ran for County Commissioner and sold the donut shop. It was renamed to Workingman’s donut shop, but closed a few years later.


Downyflake Donut Gallery (Photos from lost muncie and the star press)

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