Delaware Cinema

Delaware Cinema

Delaware Cinema was opened in December of 1967 in the Country Village shopping area on far north Wheeling. The theater featured one screening room, with a screen 54’x24’ in size, and could seat 900. The project cost $500,000 to complete, and was equipped to show both 35 and 75mm films. 

The theater remained popular, eventually offering 3D, and showing popular films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Disney’s Robin Hood. In the mid 1970’s, the theater was split into two theaters, called “twinning,” one theater with a capacity of 540, the other 310. At the time of its closure in 1991, Delaware Cinema was the only locally owned theater in all of Muncie. December of 1991, the theater reopened as a bingo hall, and it has remained such ever since. 


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