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Constellation Globe

Replogle Globes

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Type of Globe:
Cartography Type:
Celestial & Constellations
Globe Diameter:
12" (30cm)
Globe Mount:
Smoke Composite Semi-Meridian on a Black Composite Base
Globe Material:
Acrylic Sphere
Country of Manufacture:
United States of America
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Product Overview

Ah, the Constellation globe! It's like having a slice of the galaxy right at your fingertips, my friends. Behold the stunning celestial images that come to life with a flip of the switch, revealing approximately 70 starry wonders for your eyes to feast upon. And when the lights are off, this globe still shines with its display of stars, constellations, and nebulae.

Crafted, this masterpiece comes with a molded black base and a smoke semi-meridian. With a diameter of 12 inches and made with an acrylic sphere, this beauty is a desktop treasure. And of course, it's made right here in the United States, where the stars and stripes shine bright.

So, whether you're an amateur astronomer, a lover of all things celestial, or just someone who wants a gorgeous globe to light up the night, the Constellation globe is simply out of this world.