Castle Tyme Restaurant

Castle Tyme Restaurant

Castle Tyme, while short lived, is best remembered for being a White Castle knockoff. The restaurant opened in 1984, and from the beginning, it was so like White Castle that it was called a clone, White Castle-like sliders and a building shaped like a castle. It was located in the parking lot of the Hills Department store, and was formed by a group of investors who planned to build 25-30 locations in the state within two years.

The restaurant, a white castle, had two drive thrus but no inside seating, and served sliders, coney dogs, chili, roast beef, and donuts, all for 33 cents each. Castle Tyme’s quick success, causing backups in the drive thru, sparked interest in Northwest Plaza, where it was located, causing chains like Bob Evans and Chi Chi’s to franchise there. 

Castle Tyme eventually franchised to Kokomo, the only other location, but only two short years after opening, owners Thomas and Ann Misner converted both locations into franchises of Kokomo chain ‘Sizzlin’ Catfish.’ This new restaurant moved locations in 1987, and the former Castle Tyme was turned into ‘Quickie’s,’ which was demolished in 1989. 


Castle tyme gallery (photos from star press)

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