Carriage House Restaurant

Carriage House Restaurant

The Carriage House was a restaurant located on Kilgore Avenue, in what was once the dairy barn and carriage house of the Nearby Otto Carmichael estate. The restaurant was opened in 1962 by restauranteurs Bob McCurdy and Chuck Hughes served fine food and was a popular spot for date nights, even offering a limousine service starting in 1981. 

The Carriage House’s most fondly remembered offering was its prime rib, and was a frequent meeting spot for organizations the American Business Women's Association and sorority functions. There was a gay bar in the upper level, which, originally, was used as the servants’ quarters. The Carriage House, as a whole was known as an LGBTQ-friendly space in the community, but this, and the upstairs bar’s existence was mostly underground knowledge

In 1987, The Carriage House began offering a dinner theater package, first hosting local entertainers, including the Washington Street Singers. The restaurant, however, closed in 2000 after being purchased by Ontario Systems, who turned the adjacent former shopping center into office space. Ontario Systems had no specific ideas of how to utilize the site, and the building was torn down in late 2001


carriage house gallery (Photos from lost muncie and the star press)

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