Carmen's Drive-In

Carmen's Drive-In

Carmen’s Drive-In was a fixture of Madison St. for many years, and was among Muncie’s first drive-ins. It was opened in 1934 by Harry and Fred Cartwright, a family who owned the restaurant during its entire operation.

It was located on the corner of 18th and Madison, and in 1945 moved to a new building on the same corner. They were known for originating the “burger in a basket,” as well as for their tenderloins and malts made with local ice cream. They later expanded to Bethel St in the mid 1950’s, a location which contained Muncie’s first drive thru. Carmen’s Drive-in closed in 1978, when the owners retired, and is most remembered for its’ interesting sign, which this graphic is based on


Carmen's Gallery (photos from lost muncie and star press)

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