Burkies Sign Parody Muncie

Burkies Sign Parody Muncie

Burkies, a long-time favorite of college students and Munsonians alike, was located on Jackson street, and was founded in 1954 by the Burke family. They served chili dogs, tenderloins, sodas, burgers, shakes, and more. The menu was noted for remaining mostly unchanged for most of their tenure.

The Burke family sold the restaurant to longtime owners, Scott and Sherry Boylan in the late 60’s, and they carried on operations, even passing the business on to their children. Eventually, the business was sold to someone named Rob Wardrop in 2013, who again sold it in 2017 after threatening to raze the building on social media. Since the time Burkie’s officially closed in 2018, the building has changed hands at least three more times, with the last rumored plan being a new smoke shop. The building still sits empty, with the iconic sign being sold away after closure  to sit in some jerk’s man cave.


Burkie's gallery (photos from lost muncie and star press)

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