Big Dipper Slide

Big Dipper Slide

The Big Dipper Slide was a local attraction, formerly located at the old South Kmart Plaza, and was open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sunday Noon-10 p.m. The slide boasted a 30mph ride for 15 cents, and was open from 1969-1973. 

The slide was a Fredriksen Industries Fun Slide, and was the Blue Dipper or Sky Slide model, featuring 12 lanes. It was originally pitched as a way to bring people to the Muncie Parks, first at Tuhey Park, then at Westside park, which once had a roller coaster and skating rink, but after a fuss from citizens about a privately owned attraction at a public park, it was erected by owner Charles Ray near Kmart.

In 1970, the hours cut to 3 p.m.-10 p.m, Monday through Friday, and Noon-10 p.m Saturday and Sunday, then to even shorter hours in 1973. The last mention in Star Press in June of 1973 but slide was not removed until 1989, after some kids were injured.

For a more detailed history of the Big Dipper slide, including wonderful photos of the attraction, check out this article by Delaware County Historical Society board member and newsletter editor, Ted Shideler.


Big dipper photo gallery (photos from lost muncie, star press, and ted shideler)

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