Ayr-Way Department Store

Ayr-Way Department Store

Ayr Way, a discount store version of L.S. Ayres Department store, opened its’ 38th store in Muncie in 1979. The first Ayr Way opened in 1961 in Indianapolis at Pendleton Pike, predating the opening of the first Kmart in and Target.

Muncie’s Ayr Way was located Northwest of McGalliard and Bethel, an area mostly undeveloped before the store’s construction, but was soon joined by a new Marsh location. The grand opening was on August 6th, 1979, and according to the newspaper , was a four day sales event with a grand prize raffle. The store was around 80,000 feet, featuring 70 departments, including a tire store and a garden center. The store had a rust and orange color scheme inside.

In summer of 1980, Target purchased 16 Ayr Way locations in Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. Between the purchase and the reopening as Target in fall 1981, the store was remodeled to meet Target’s standards and a snack bar was added. The site remained a Target until they moved to their new Barr St. location by the mall in 2003, and the sited of the former Ayr Way is currently a Rural King.


Ayr Way Photo Gallery (from Lost Muncie and star press)

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